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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 16, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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promoter says it will turn - phings around. tonight on fox 45 neww at five. 33
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3 getting beaten, stripped, and robbed on saint' patrick's day. dispatcc tapes are now released... and it shows... this attack was just a small "wait a minute. i don't need noooneeon the aii. please juut listen up. i need somebody to gg to pratt and
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light. a medic is trying to get throughh sommbodyyhaa stooped a male innthe crowd. the ambo just passed a large group of kids assaulting the mmle with onnechild on the ground.. whoodo i have at pratt and light?" light?"991-1 was flooded with calls....assmore than 500 people ccnverged on dowwtown baltimore...picking fightss.. anddstaying ahead f police. thhre is a safety conern.maan baltimore city poliie donnt have a way to control large crowds... especiaaly at the inner harbor.megan gilliland is here with a proposed new plan.....that would at leass dangers. good morning patrice,the innnr harbor is the hearttof bbltimore... for us and for recent reports oo violence here haae a lott people on edge. essecially when you see large a crowd of teenagers... and not a lot offcrowd control. after everal 9-1-1 callss about fights... police have starteddbeefiig up pattols downtoon.the increased presence seemssto have hellpd. but some are calling for even
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morr crrwd control.delegate pat mcdonoughhthinks tourists should be warned aboutt doonttwn dangers... before upcoming emorial day holiday. - 12:26:53 "i think e need to 13:07:21 "i think they should "- here."13:29:23 "it's too many at one time and not enough to control themm" ttem."some tourists we talked &pto say they would appreciate the warning. others say they're always on gilliland, fox45 morning news. baatimooeecounty pooice and agents from the drug enforcement agency raided a pain clinic in luthhrville. lutheevilll.agents were een taking boxes out of the &pbuilding that houses the "healthy life medical group" on york wwrd on what the agents were oooing for. coontyypolice tells s ... tths was part of an ongoong the public cannnow get a glimpse oofevidence... from thh yeardley love murder trial. evidence in the case against george ughley is on
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display in a virginia &placrosse player was convicted campus apartment.the eeidence includes photographs andda interrooation by police. autopsy phhtographs wwll not sentenced august 30th. 3 the speciil session is expecttd to wrap up today with the final pproval f a plan to raise the state income tax. the state ssnate passed the legislation tuesday in annapolissthe bill would raise income taxes forrindividuals making 100-thousand a year... thoosand.supporterr ssy without that.... he state dollars in additional cuts. already 700-million dollars higher than it was last year. (pipkin) "we ad an opportunity to say no, we did our jobb but you know what, the governor and the inttrest groups aid you know what, not
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enough, you just haven'ttspent &penough money." &pnot pass thhs bill, the do servies that people of the sttte of maayland need to get times, tens offthousands, cult hundreds of thhusands of our families wwll not have the services that they need." need."the increaae to income taxessis áretro-activeá .... p o-j simpson is baak in &pcourt this week... requesting a new trial.his lawyer is workkng to get him releasee.... after thh n-f-l hall of famerr was convicced in 2008 oo kidnapping anddarmed robbery. heewas sentenced to to 33 years ehind aas.if the state deniessthe aapeal... it can be taken to he federal courts. &pthe u-s government is steppin up efforts... to combat alzheimer's disease.on monday... the department of health and human services set a deadllne of 20025... to find pffective ways to treaa the mmnd-destroying disease.the h-h-s alss unveiled a detailed lueprint of attack... hich ed includds 2 majjr clinical
5:37 am involves an insulin pasaa spray or reeting the disease.the other involves a drug intendee to stop symptoms in peoppe at the highest risk for alzheimer's.right now... more than 5 million americans have alzheimer's or related dementias.that nuuber is expected to jump to 16 million by the year 20-50. 3 the kentuckyyderby for a week already.... and ore - he's about to ggt some familiaa company. joell d. mith is live at pimlico with the latest news on the scout the horsss up closee nd personal.... today. good 3 3 3
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need about the preekness on you our website.just got to fox- preaknnss. speaking of ou planned?find out hoo the anned?- weather is shaping up for the race. meteorologist))
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3 ((traffic reporttr ad libs))
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295 --liberty -- greenspring--bel air 3 3 3 3 3
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pssig theater... for therapy. theeapy..hey put so much into do."tte peeple using it... to overcomee bstacles. ((bump out))
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get your cash back! oh, hi. which cash back booth looks better to you, chase freedom or the largest cashback card? oh, i'll try the largest. oh, that is too bad. apparently you don't know chase freedom guarantees you 1% cash back. 4 times more than the largest cash back card, which only gives you a quarter percent until you spend $3,000 every year. but have fun. bob and weave once you're in there. don't get short changed. get your cash back. chase freedom. 3 medicine for the mind.innour e cover story, melinda roeder
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introduces us to a group of performers who use theater for therapy... setting aside their . disabliiies.... to shine a spottight... on their special talenns. taaents. 54:51 "one, two, three and four."it's less thaa two weeks... until showttme.54:22 "one, wo, hree and four."and everything must be carefully rehearsed.04:40 - ong - "tell &pme moree tell me more..." (steve is eey animated pheir best to learn every dancce.. and every last lyric. dropout..."getting over stage struggle.39:53 "i'm always with mm confidence,"for these - performers.... the fiist ptep... is often just finding their voice...33:12 "hi. i'm sandy... and i feel great and little different.... you get a
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used to having an audience... (ssot of stage lights @22:02) but rarrly in the spotlight....3 23:32 "i'm gonna be on tv?!" but this more than a show. ii's theatre therapyy34::0 "ii don't know what to say. i don't know what to say..01149 "ww've had some people on stage now... were very, very, very shy... much more outgoing."01:14:11 "boy, hey become social butterflies, really." pelores helpeddcreate the &pprogram several yyars ago... as a social aativvty or her daughter,, it's her unfortunately got cancer and - she dded two yyers go, but she made mm promise nottto give this up .. because her friends wouldn't have any place to go. i'm ssrry."it'' clear to see
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phis cast -- s like close-knit family.34:34 "we care aboutt everybody."ann everyone's got a talent...whether it's lip pync... or dance... (shot of cathy giving sandyya thumbs up @27:20)26:04 "i suppose it could be true. but there are worse things i could do."or belting out a ballad .... with a smile.01:09:21 "well andy looes to sing and she takes noo one fear in er."27:45 "thatts te worst thing i pould do!"15:41 "they're doing now... after months of &pcoaching... from thhir &pdirector, cathy,... the cast.. is well trained... and ready to take center stage.(grease lightning song ends @ 14:50) hhgs)and on the niggt of their performancee..02:08:577"we'ree 3 gonna have good show. there's a ot of people out here."plenty of smiles backstage....02:06:57 ""hat's miss delores!"as dundalk's community theatre is transformed into rdell high. 02:11:02 - lights go out (applauue)00:11:18 - song beginn "grease is tte word..." (02:13:33 - audience takes members are encouraging...ce knowing these actors - have worked hard to sst aside their disabilities.and do theirrbest.
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with cathy still coaching from the pit... (02:15:50) ... they ttirl to the tunes...sooetimes watch frrm the wings (02:22:21) ann give each other support (02:20:04 - sandy gives someone two thumbs up) follow...unless, of course, - - you're sandy.02:35:35 "i could flirt with alllthe guys..."a naturaa ennertainer... born to show ooffshe just needed someone o show her the stage. 00:37:06 that's the worst thing i could do!" ((loos of applause!!))(final song - 'the one that i want')anna ancing @02:39:13as the show wrapss audience are tickled pink. 02:40:40)(((songs ends - fiial bow@ 02:41:47) this secial ennition -- of grease.a crowd-pleaser and overall hit....02::2:28 "they werr wonderful, they always are. they put so much pnto it. they love what they do."... a storyyof real life better thaa any hiih school drama.(finnl applauss - 02:45:17) it's a curtain iipression on them... and their fans.(shotssof ladies in audience wwping tteir eyes @ 02:47:00)melinda roeder... ffx 45 news at ten. 3 next... the nation's best high school
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nasonex is there for you, anytime of year. bruce cunningham has ffx 45 orning sports. sports.
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